Are Apps Motivating People to Break the Law? Driving and Video gaming

One issue that police have noted is that people may be tempted to search for these characters while behind the wheel. Not just can this be a distraction that might trigger somebody to take his or her eyes off of the roadway– and which is illegal in lots of states– however it might also cause drivers to divert as a result of traffic or make unforeseen turns if they believe they can discover a Pokemon close by.

Trespassing for Pokemon

Another problem that police kept in mind that is that some individuals may trespass on private property to pursue the Pokemon. This could be as simple as climbing a fence to go on the neighbor’s property, or it might include burglarizing government buildings, churches, office complex and the like. Law enforcement has actually warned against doing anything illegal while playing the game.

While the video game would not force gamers to do any of these things, making use of virtual animals might encourage trespassing by suggesting there was something valuable “within” the structure. People who generally would have no reason to go anywhere near it could then be lured to search for a way in, as a means to improve their collections.

Apps Are Not an Excuse

Apps are not an excuse for breaking the law. Whether you’re using Pokemon Go or anything else, you should make certain that everything you do in real life is legal. Revealing that you were just using an app can often show that there was not any destructive intent, or anything of that nature, and it might factor into your criminal defense strategy.