California Lawmakers Wished to End Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault

Proposed Legislation Was Motivated in Part by Costs Cosby’s Accusers.
The state senator who presented the legislation because house says that she was driven to do so after lots of women accused comedian Bill Cosby of rape and other sex criminal activities, but weren’t able to see him prosecuted because the statutes of constraints had long expired. In a minimum of one case, a state lifted its statute of constraints, but too late for the accuser to press charges.


Cosby is facing prosecution in Pennsylvania on felony sexual attack charges. The accuser in that case pushed charges nine years into that state’s statute of constraints of 12 years. Cosby has asserted that his relationships with these women were consensual.

Opponents Say Those Statutes Of Limitations Help Safeguard Individuals from Being Wrongly Accused and Convicted.

The American Civil Liberties Union has actually opposed the legislation. An ACLU authorities stated, “When a case is prosecuted literally years after the occasion, it becomes far more difficult to show that you are wrongfully implicated.” She asserted that a statute of constraints helps secure innocent people from being founded guilty of a criminal activity they didn’t commit.

If Gov. Brown indications the expense into law, it would not apply to any supposed criminal offenses where the present statute of constraints would have ended by the start of next year.

It’s necessary that anybody who is accused of rape or other sexually-based offense seek skilled legal support to guarantee that your rights are protected and that your side of the story exists effectively. A conviction can affect the rest of an individual’s life.